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The Helm Of Awe - Longboard Fin
The Helm Of Awe - Longboard Fin

The Helm Of Awe - Longboard Fin

A Powerful Symbol for Protection The Helm of Awe, a runic spell and stave, was etched or painted onto objects in order to activate its power. By wearing this symbol, one can be shielded from harm and danger.

The helm of awe longboard fin is essential for anyone looking for a versatile and high performance single fin. It’s well balanced template and flex make it a great choice for a wide range of wave conditions and surfing styles.

One of the standout features of this fin is its wider base and tapering, moderately flex tip. This creates a perfect balance between drive and responsiveness, allowing surfers to generate speed off the bottom and execute sharp turns with ease, while providing incredible control with hold and release when needed.

Another great thing about the helm of awe Longboard fin is its versatility. Whether you're surfing on a single fin longboard or a mid-length surfboard with a 2+1 fin set up, this fin will perform exceptionally well. The larger sizes are ideal for longboards, while the smaller and medium sizes will work great with mid-lengths and performance longboard single fin.


System: Box Fin 

Construction: Solid Fibreglass (E-Glass)

Height: 8" / Base: 5.8"

Height: 9" / Base: 7.1"

    Height: 10" / Base: 7.4"  

 Height: 11" / Base:  8" 

* All fins come with phillips head screw & plate and solid brass pin.  

**Colours may vary slightly from images. 

Size 8"

Only left in stock